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The Miss People's Yerutí Garcia fired again against Paraguay Miss Universe Organization, which this year chose as representative Maireke Baumgarten. Speaking to the magazine Find out the beautiful re-top said the election this year was the worst of all, "looks like any contest, lost credibility," he'i.
- Do you re-invite to participate this year in Miss Universe Paraguay?
'If I was invited, usually every year they invite me (laughs). Concluded that it is not mine, and spent my time, I am with other things, other projects, I have other responsibilities, I think that now is no longer for me, could later be, but I'm not sure.
- What did you think the competition this year?
-The competition is already very touched, as he lost credibility for the people. And try to make good choices, but it is not the Miss Paraguay years ago. If we compare what it was, my God, when I was a tiny little dreamed Miss Paraguay, was the most important event.
- Is not it more?
-It still is, just lost a lot of value with all what has already happened so far, all the scandals and controversies that were going on every year. Being Miss Paraguay was an honor, that is, not everyone could become one, was very great, but now lost that magic.
-This year everything happened, was the worst?
And yes, if we compare with the competitions do not know how many years ago, looks like any contest is not organized, is not coordinated. It's a shame really, but I think if you're in the right hands and gives people the importance to be able to everything can change again.
- Do you think that playing with girls because they have the necessary support?
-There is no support from anywhere and the same people from the organization does not do enough for the cause.
-The candidates are going abroad to represent Paraguay and many do not have wardrobe ...
-If you get makeup or clothes you have to jump on one leg. On the outside are always well put all with makeup to be presentable good brands but here in Paraguay does not exist.

After the election of Miss Paraguay, Miss People's Yerutí Garcia began working with the agency Talent, Tania Pankow. However, before one year old, resigned.

No fights or anything, Yerutí retired now and no one sends her, she said.

- Did something Yerutí, why did you leave your agency?
-I went just for things in life, always worked independently and want to try again working alone, I can do better.

- I was wrong to work with the agency?
No, I do not say that. Actually I started the agency because I wanted to know what it was like working with agency, but now I prefer to continue alone as before.

- Do not fulfilled your contract renewed?
'Actually the contract was not fulfilled yet, but I decided to do without before. Tania knew me very well.

- Could it be that we do not want to give commission to the agency?
Yes, maybe, is that each seeks convenience, but all good with them. I'll keep talented workers if given the chance, but I will not close the door to other agencies.

- What percentage you take off your agency?
-Typically, like other agencies, they keep 30 percent of the total.

- Do you have new proposals where you will earn 100 percent?
Yes, I have business proposals in that sense I'm happy, because I never missed work, I have parades, productions, several things done.

- Will you negotiate you alone or you have a particular manager?
-I alone, I always drove alone, business, work and charging. When I was in the agency also decided on the work I was going to do, put my conditions and it was me who said yes or no.

- Your boyfriend is not going to be your representative, as the case of Mirna Pereira and other models?
-Not at all, my relationship with my boyfriend is totally independent from my modeling career.

-Once you tell the agency that former Popu American called you, but they denied.
I do not know why he denied, I know called me and point. Neither said a bad way, but they know why they say that.

"It's not exclusive"

Director of Talent, Tania Pankow, confirmed Popu not reached an economic agreement and Yerutí modelaza no longer part of her staff. "She did not renew his contract and we agreed," she said.

She said that there was not cool or anything, "Yerutí will continue to collaborate with the agency and us with it. The difference is that now is not exclusive to Talent" he'i the folder through the agency.